Monday, July 19, 2010

Today in Spain.... ;)

Hey Everyone,
This is both Ashley and Courtney posting. So after our last post we went around town and ate some ice cream and had some smoothies...they were delicious! After that we went to this AMAZING pizza place (who would of thought pizza in Honduras). We got to try Honduran pizza which had eggs and avacodo and some sort of mystery meat...yum! On the way home we all had died one knows why ;). So then Sunday came along and we experienced church with a translator-thankfully. Everyone gave us hugs and kisses. It made us feel like celebrities! Then we had another mystery plate (we have lots of those), which was the best one so far! After that we decided to venture to Nicaragua where I (Courtney) was a creep and secretevely took a picture with the military police with very large guns. Then we took a very long nap and after we got to play soccer with some local Hunduran teenagers. It was so much fun!
Today and tomorrow are both full work days and our group is split up. Thankfully there is a lot of volunteers. We all have awesome tan lines and amazing bug bites/bruises. I (Courtney) have a bruise that´s taking over my leg haha.
Courtney & Ashley

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