Saturday, July 17, 2010

Estoy en Honduras

Hello from honduras!!! Even after a day and a half of hauling buckets of sand, I am still enjoying being in Honduras. The food is great, the view is AMAZING, and everyone is so friendly. Tomorrow (Sunday) we are going to a church service (the same church that we are staying at) and then we have the rest of the day off. Monday and Tuesday are full work days so i hope that everyone will be well rested, blisters will have disappeared and our muscles will stop aching. Today a lot of us experienced our first bucket shower, it wasn´t so bad but the water was so cold!! But it feels nice to be clean. We are staying at the church, as I said, there is no running water but there is electricity. Food is made by some of the volunteers at the church, I think, either way it is delicious, different but delicious. Today for lunch we had french fries with ketchup!!! Fue muy sabrosa. Well I think that is it for now, the next post will probably be when I get back to the states. Adios!

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